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On February 8th, 2024 I had my second cataract surgery with Dr. Cervantes. My first one was in October of 2023. Both surgeries were painless and successful. My vision is awesome: the whites are now actually white and the colors are gorgeous. He is an exceptional eye surgeon and came highly recommended. My optometrist said that he has the cleanest cuts she has ever seen. I highly recommend Dr. Cervantes for all eye surgery.
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Phyllis E.
My husband was referred to Dr Cervantes due to a suggested Corneal Transplant. We met with him this morning and very happy with the consultation. He answered all of our questions with compassion and knowledge. . We will be seeing him again Jan for The transplant procedure
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I have completed cataract surgery with Dr. Cervantes. It was fast, painless, and successful. Due to the friendliness, the kindness, and the helpfulness of Dr. Cervantes and his staff, I felt comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire process. I definitely do highly recommend Dr. Cervantes for all eye surgery.
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Doris G.
The whole experience from entering the office to the staff and Dr Cervantas
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Laura D.
After having a traumatic eye injury, I was referred to Dr. Cervantes to further assess the damage my cornea had sustained. They got me in right away. Dr. Cervantes examined me and what I really appreciated is he gave me an honest answer. We just need to see how it would heal. He was comforting but factual in explaining each possible outcome. Great doctor!
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Patrick L.
It is obvious that as we age, your eyes will change. Dr. Lorenzo Cervantes MD and his team are well aware that your eye health is very important to you. He demonstrates concern by so attentive to your questions. The thoroughness of he and his staff in getting an accurate history of your vision is exemplary! There is no doubt that Dr. Cervantes brings his vast training and knowledge to knowing how to treat your eyes such that your vision is as healthy as can be!
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Lloyd S.
Dr. Cervantes and his staff were kind, respectful, and very knowledgeable.My husband has also been cared for by Dr. Cervantes so I had good expectations and they were met wonderfully.When I needed to change the location of my scheduled procedures, his office was able to accommodate me in an amazingly timely manner.My only suggestion is that the office suggest that patients check with their insurance re: cost at different surgery locations. If I hadn't been aware of what my husband paid for his cataract surgery, I would have ended up spending ALOT more at one location.Again, my experience and confidence in the care I received were positive.
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I had LASIK a week ago and it has been a life changing experience. I had been wearing glasses since I was 12 yrs old, but was able to walk out of the surgery room without having to wear my glasses. The surgery was quicker than I thought. It could be because the team was so engaging. We started talking about vacations (which is a topic I enjoy). It relaxed me and it was done so fast. Dr. Cervantes is such a professional and has blessed hands. His team is amazing too. They all tell you what to expect step by step, which is something I appreciate. Recovery has been great. I took the day off because of the mild irritation and kind of dozed off throughout the day to rest my eyes. Prep for that if you do it because you will need it. I already told a few of my family members and friends about the experience and encouraged them to look into the surgery. Don't overthink it!!!
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Yashira L.
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